RaceMe Ultra Tuner OBD Box USB port Replacement service. (expiramental)

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The Box is the black main processor for the ODB connection. it has a USB that is very poorly designed that proper and certified repairs are not possible. HOWEVER. we figured out an experimental method that worked for many customers so far. it is experimental and we are still not 100% satisfied. That being said it is the only option for repair. so that is why some opt for the repair.

The USB port can be lose, or broken, or have any other kind of damage. It is very common that these ports do go bad. Why is that? Well it is always in a car , moving and vibrating. So it will constantly be hammered by the motions. In any case we will physically remove the damaged port and place a new micro USB port on.


1 review for RaceMe Ultra Tuner OBD Box USB port Replacement service. (expiramental)

  1. Wade Wilston (verified owner)

    Very quick turnaround! Works like a champ

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