iPhone XS LCD Replacement Service Models A1920, A2098, A2097, A2100 (Cracked Glass & No Touch)


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Okay, so we are introducing one of the cheapest online mail in repair services for the iPhone XS in the market! Yes we will replace your Cracked screen and make it like new! That is if you have a good working LCD but the glass is shattered. We will do this repair for really cheap!

To take advantage of our prices make sure your LCD/ meaning the picture is displayed correctly. If it is not no worries we have LCD replacement but you will have to pay extra. But to get the cheap price your LCD has to be in good condition meaning it is showing pictures and you can use your touch.  and we will repair it for a low cost!

Now if your screen is cracked and the touch is also gone we can repair it as well for a little extra! (note this is for a bad screen not motherboard issues), if you have no touch because of a motherboard see our other services.

The iPhone XS is very expensive and the screens are as well! however we will definitely save you a ton of money by sending us the phone for repair. You can ship the phone very cheaply to us.

A2098 (sold in Japan)
A2100 (sold in China)

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iPhone LCD

Glass + LCD Replacment, Glass + No Touch, Glass Only Repair


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