PlayStation 5 Repair Service (PS5) – (Entire Device)



Sony has always made us feel good since PlayStation 1 and now PlayStation 5! We are very happy when the system works great but when the system fails, there is a sense of loss and incompleteness in our gaming needs. The PlayStation 5 can fail for many reasons. Whether you have the regular version with the disc drive (blu-ray) or the digital edition, you will experience issues from time to time. and when it is broken, Who is better to fix it than ShipToFix! ?


We are offering a standard fee to fix any problem with the PS5 system. This covers any issue with the console. From bluray issues, to no power, to bad graphics, to freezing or stalling and even error codes.

Every repair will come with a cleaning and rethermal pasting. Basically a full refurbishing. We do not touch your data but we can not guarantee what you have done to mess up the data in your system. So we can not guarantee it but 99% of the time your data is safe. However in the case where your data is the cause of the issue then there is no way around it, and your data is lost.

Backup your system!

Just purchase the repair and send it in to our repair center.

Roaches or Biological matter consoles will be disposed and billed a disposal fee.

If you have a broken HDMI see the PS5 HDMI repair service.


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