Motherboard LGA Socket 2011 Replacement Service


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Many times people do not install the CPU properly and they end up damaging and bending the pins. This is because you have to align the chip in the socket perfectly. So make sure to align perfectly after the new socket is installed..

Some times you will nick it with your finger by accident. they are not that hard to bend.. And that is why we have this service. It is for 1 socket replacement type LGA 2011

This is a very big socket and the price is a bit more expensive than other sockets. Please send in the motherboard and socket to be replaced or order the service with a socket below. There is an extra fee for the part if you want us to supply the socket. This repair is considered a replacement as we professional replace the BGA type socket from the board.

This is a price per socket. If you have a dual and want to change both please order 2 quantity.


Remove all heatsinks, plastics, wires, connections, and any other peripherals or cards from the motherboard. Remove all cmos batteries and other batteries.

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