MacBook GPU repair (Motherboard only)


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If you are experiencing Macbook gpu issues. we have a process at STF that is exclusive where we make sure your device is still ROHS compliant. not like the other guys who use leaded solder. We use ROHS compliant solder on the boards. We use our process to repair the GPU connections. However in very rare cases you will need a new GPU as it is burnt out.

The macbook GPU issues include, system not booting, fuzzy pictures, sometimes black, sometime lines on the screen, sometimes dots. That said it doesnt mean that the GPU fix is the only issue with the system but it might well be 90% of the time it is.

If you need a new GPU we will let you know the cost and wait time for the GPU , we do not stock any parts. If you want to provide the GPU to be replaced then we will do a GPU replacement for the upgraded price. Please look for GPU replacement service in our store and purchase that instead.

We will honor this price for any motherboard you send in! 2008 to 2020 models.


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