Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Battery Replacement



Now this is a tricky one and can not be bought alone! You must purchase the Screen removal service with this service as well. The battery can not be easily replaced on a full device.

In the unlikely case where you disassembled the device and removed the screen, this would be the battery replacement service you purchase without any other service.

This in not a no power repair service. When a surface pro is not powering on it is highly unlikely it is the battery. To find out if it is the battery please go ahead and download some battery assessment application for windows or use windows battery health to tell you. if the battery health is poor then this service is for you.

We will have to remove the screen first so Purchase the screen removal service with this battery replacement service together. Without the screen removal we can not replace the battery on the MS Surface pro 5. Simple. if you send the item and expect to replace the battery without paying for screen removal. it will not happen


Batteries are very strange. and if not charged properly you have the chance of ruining them. If  you use them properly they last forever! So your battery issues will return if you do not change the way you use your device.


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